The Ocean Girl: Part Five

I wasn’t prepared for the storm at sea,

I felt lost and completely helpless,

To the tides that were no longer peaceful or tranquil,

They were violent and aggressive,

Chaos was all around me,

And I needed to take action.

I wanted to be there for her in any way I could,

I had to be there for her in that moment,

Before I could say anything,

She moved away from me,

Wiped away her tears,

And thanked me for walking back with her.

She tried to say goodbye to me,

But I wouldn’t let her.

I asked if I could come inside,

She was surprised and asked why,

I got closer to her,

And whispered that I wanted to be with her,

Just a little longer.

She teared up,

And invited me inside.

I embraced her with loving arms,

And gave her the support and love she needed.

She didn’t feel so alone,

And she thanked me for being with her,

In a time that she was struggling,

I felt like I truly saw all of her beauty that day,

That I was always so afraid to explore.

On the surface she seemed perfect,

But her depths told a different story.

She truly was like the ocean.


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