Welcome to the Warfield Zone!

My name is Isaiah Warfield, and I am the writer, blogger, photographer and owner of The Warfield Zone.New profile Pic

On my blog The Warfield Zone, I have a variety of content that includes short stories, poetry and photography. You can find my writings and photography on Nightmares, Poetry, Dark Colors, Storytime and Eyes Haven’t Seen. 


Nightmares is a series of dark poetry written by me. In this series, my poetry is a reflection of the nightmares that exist/existed in my life.


Poetry is a series of poetry written by me. In this series, I write about love, people that I care about, loss, faith, God, encouragement and so much more. My poems in Poetry consists of a variety of different themes and ideas that can impact/influence a person in a positive way.

Dark Colors

Dark Colors is a series of fiction short stories written by me. In this series, my short stories explores different themes that are hard to talk about, symbolism through colors and so much more. These short stories will take you in a dark place, but they will open you to a whole new world and give you something to think about for yourself.


Storytime is a variety of different short stories and opinionated pieces written by me. In Storytime, I write about the crazy, different adventures that I have been on in my personal life. In addition, I tell stories about people that have impacted my life.

Eyes Haven’t Seen

Eyes Haven’t Seen is my photography page. As a storyteller, I strive to tell a story in my photography. On this page, there’s a link to my Etsy shop where I sell my photography from $25-105, depending on the size you want. There’s free shipping and handling. On Eyes Haven’t Seen, I have a slideshow of some of my photographs that I have taken. If you want to see and/or buy some of my photography, they all can be found on my Etsy shop EyesHaventSeen or my Instagram isaiah.warfield. Links can be found on my Eyes Haven’t Seen page.

Table of Contents

My table of contents is a page where all of my short stories and poetry can be found. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for a particular short story, page or poem on The Warfield Zone. They are in order from latest to oldest posts. All you have to do is click on the short story/poem/page that you want, and you’ll be directed to it promptly.


My contact page has my email address to message me, as well my Facebook business page Eyes Haven’t Seen. It has a link to my Etsy shop and Instagram. Furthermore, my Twitter and Snapchat information can be found on the Contact page as well.

Thank you for coming on my blog, and I hope you enjoy The Warfield Zone

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