The Ocean Girl: Part Three

As we’re walking together,

She suddenly stopped.

I looked at her,

And I saw sadness in her eyes.

Something was suddenly bothering her,

Out of nowhere,

She grabbed my hand.

This was the first time we held hands,

And it was strangely relaxing to me.

It was calming and soothing,

And it just felt so right.

I was floating for the first time because of her,

I held on to her hand,

And decided to just go with the flow,

And allow these new tides to take me away.

I quickly snapped out of the little spell I was on,

And focused on her again,

There was a quietness to her now,

And I wanted to be there for her.

Before I can say anything,

She whispers that she wants me to follow her.

She wants me to come back to her place.


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