A Complicated Creature

The past is a complicated creature,

One can even argue that it’s an unforgivable monster,

It can be completely harmless,

And bring you joy and laughter

Or it can bring you stress,

That can only bring you heartache and regret,

Some people depend on it,

Some people choose to hold on to the guilt,

And the trauma that comes with the past,

In contrast,

Some people learn from the past and let go of it.

The past is not easy to forget,

It can even be your biggest threat,

To having a bright future.

The past can be like a tumor,

The only cure is to stop smoking it like a cigarette,

And drinking it like it’s gin

Depending on the past is an addiction,

It’s an affliction that one must treat with the right prescription,

The past is an interesting teacher,

One that can be a monster or a healer,

The past is a complicated creature.


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