Dream Girls: Part Six

I’m sitting next to a woman on a black boulder in a vast forest.

I look around us and discover the priceless scenery that surrounds us.

The sun is slowly setting,

And it’s providing the sky with an array of colors.

A slight breeze is quietly touching us.

It means us no harm.

It’s only meant to provide us a sound mind.

We’re also in front of a sparkling river.

The rapid flow of the river is pleasing to the ears.

Birds are tweeting and singing in the air,

As well as in the tall, grand, oak trees.


All the sounds in this forest provide a perfect harmony.

It’s orchestrated to perfection.

I’m thankful for this pure symphony.

I never want it to end.

They provide a music you don’t often hear so clearly.

It reminds me of another place.

I can’t think of the specific place,

It’s hard to remember it.

But I know that it’s a place of pure imagination.

I wish I could go back to it.


I shake the thought out of my head and look at the woman.

She’s beautiful,

And I instantly recognize her.

I can’t help but look at her with loving eyes.

She’s exactly how I remembered her.

She’s wearing some blue jeans and a white t-shirt,

It was always her go-to outfit.

But I notice two unfamiliar items on her.

She is wearing a broken gold watch.

The glass is cracked and the hands are not moving at all.

Time is not moving.

On her face are some red aviator sunglasses.

They look nice on her,

But I wish that she wasn’t wearing them.

They’re almost covering her whole face.

Plus, I can’t really see her eyes.

I always loved staring into her eyes.

It was always easy to get lost in them.


We belong together,

Especially in this forest.

I can’t imagine any other place being better than this forest.

Surely, this is where we must be.

Can we be here together forever?

I know it’s not realistic,

But one must hope and dream, right?


Wait, am I dreaming right now?

No, I can’t be dreaming.

I remember this place all too well with her.

This has to be a real moment with her, right?


I look at the woman next to me and beg for an answer.

She looks back at me and smiles.

She takes off her red sunglasses and puts them on my face.

I don’t understand.

I now see a red world.

She giggles and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

Then, she whispers don’t run away.

Everything turns black.


This is the end of part six of the Dream Girls series. Be sure to like, share and comment your thoughts on this poem.

I will be posting and sharing part seven of Dream Girls on Thursday!









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