Dream Girls: Part Ten

I’m alone right now in scorching heat.

I’m laying down, and I can’t move.

I’m in a place of hurt and pain.

Wait, have I been here before?

This feels all too familiar.


I look around and see that I’m in a desert.

Brown sand is all around me,

No other colors are in sight.

I look up and the sky is blue with white clouds,

And the sun looks like a yellow light bulb.

It’s bright and intense.

The sky is strangely so familiar to me as well.

I feel like I’ve been here before,

But there’s just something missing.

Something that’s not making me see this place clearly enough.


Pain starts to intensify in my body.

My throat is swelling up,

Breathing is a struggle.

The yellow sun is baking me to a crisp,

The brown sand is only getting hotter and crueler to my skin,

I’m paralyzed,

I desperately need to be saved.


I hear footsteps in the sand coming towards me.

They get closer and closer,

I’m not sure if I should scared or relieved.

I’m not sure if I will be punished or saved by the person walking towards me.

To my surprise, a woman in a white robe stands above me.

She’s a beautiful and a sight to behold.

I want to beg her to help me,

But I can’t do such a thing.

My throat is swollen,

And excruciating suffering is trickling down my body.

I’m helpless,

And I can only depend on the woman in the white robe.


The woman in the white robe stares at me.

She smiles at me and pulls something out of her robe.

They are red sunglasses.

She kneels down to my level and puts them on my face.

She whispers in my ear that I must see and gently kisses my cheek.

Then, the woman in white robe walks away from me.


I don’t understand why she left me.

How could she not save me?

What did she mean that I must see.

I look around and recognize that this place is different.

The red sunglasses changed this place.

I’m now surrounded by black sand.

I look up and the sky is red with pink clouds,

And the sun looks like a big, white light bulb.

I kinda hear water and waves crashing somewhere in the distance,

Am I near an ocean?

Am I actually not at a desert, but somewhere else?

Everything turns black.


I wake up from a strange, yet familiar dream.

I can’t help but remember.

I thought I was at a desert,

But I’m not sure anymore.

I might have been somewhere else.

Yet, there’s something I can’t help but wonder

Why was I not saved by the dream girl?


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Dream Girls: Part Nine

I find myself on top of a building.

I look around and there are no other buildings in sight.

No door to be found,

Just a colorful sky with clouds all around,

And the loving sun staring directly at me.

The sunlight touches my face so gently and sweetly.

Yet, I know I can’t embrace the sun forever.


I rush to edge of the building,

Hoping to see a bottom or a way out.

Once I make it to the edge,

I look down and see more clouds.

How high in the sky am I?

Or am I dead and this is simply Heaven?

I can’t know for sure.

I just know that I’m trapped on this building.


I turn around, and there’s a woman in front of me.

She’s wearing a yellow dress,

And she has two doves on her right shoulder.

One black and one white.

I can’t see her face at all.

She’s wearing a blue mask with a blank face.


She slowly walks towards me,

I’m nervous and not sure what’s going to happen next.

She’s now in front of me.

The black and white doves fly off her shoulder,

And they descend down the building.

The woman in the blue mask looks at me.

She gets close to me and embraces me.

She whispers in my ear to listen, see and be not afraid.

She then pushes me off the building.


I’m falling fast,

The wind is a powerful force against me,

It’s a battle between me and the sky.

Terror is taking control over my body.

I’m screaming and crying,

My heart is pumping faster and faster each second.

Breathing is a struggle now,

What must I do to be saved?

Everything turns black.


I wake up from a strange dream.

I was falling from the sky.

A typical dream that I think a lot of people have.

Yet, there’s just something I still can’t figure out though.

Why did she push me off a building?

Why did the dream girl want me to fall?


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Dream Girls: Part Eight

I find myself sitting on a railroad track.

Next to me is an unconscious woman all tied up on the tracks.

I look at her strangely because she’s wearing a black dress.

She’s beautiful,

Yet there’s something familiar about her.

There’s a strange fear that I have about her.

I don’t know how to explain it,

I’m just scared of her.


I look around and recognize that I’m in a strange world.

There’s no color in sight.

Everything is black and white.

The sky is grey,

The sun is white,

The trees that surround this railroad track are black.

Where are the colors in this strange world?

Am I truly in a gray world?


I look down and notice that I’m wearing a gold watch.

Why is this the only thing in color?

I wonder,

But I quickly notice that it’s broken.

The glass is cracked and the hands are not moving at all.

Why would I be wearing such a watch?


I hear something coming in the distance.

My brain can’t really figure out what it is.

The vibrations on the track show that it’s a force to be reckoned with.

It’s powerful,

And it’s coming towards me.

I quickly see in the distance that it’s a purple, speeding train.


I have a minute to get off of these tracks.

I stand up about to leave.

Then, I hear the woman in the black dress waking up.

She’s scared and has no idea what’s going on.

She sees me and begs me to help her.

As she’s begging for me to save her,

I see her sharp, fanged teeth.


I’m confused and don’t know what to do.

I’m scared of her,

But I admire her so much.

I recognize that this is not a simple decision.

She must be tied up for a reason.

Maybe this was my doing or someone else did this for a reason,

I have no idea.

Yet, she doesn’t deserve such a gruesome fate.

Maybe she’s a poor victim or maybe I’m meant to save her,

I have no idea.


The purple train is only seconds away now.

I have to make a decision.

Otherwise, death will take us both.

I don’t know what to do.

Everything turns black.


I wake up from a scary dream.

I’m breathing heavy, and I’m a little worried.

I’m worried because I don’t remember how the dream ended.

Did I allow the locomotive to take her life?

Or did I save the dream girl?


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Dream Girls: Part Seven

I find myself sitting on a black boulder alone in a forest.

I’m also wearing some red sunglasses.

It’s weird seeing such a red world.

I look up at the sky and see a storm is brewing.

Clouds have taken over the sky.

I imagine that they are gray.

Light is nowhere in sight.

Thunder is rumbling loud and proud.

Letting its voice be heard.


The wind is a force to be reckoned with.

It’s wrestling with the tall, oak trees.

They’re fighting and trying to stand their ground,

But they are no match for the wind.

The wind is persistent with one goal in mind,

The wind simply wants to bring these beautiful trees down.

It has all the time in the world to do so.

The wind also has the river under its control.

The river no longer has a smooth, rhythmic flow.

It has no control anymore.

The wind is the river’s composer now,

It’s orchestrating a new flow for the river.

A flow that is chaotic and destructive.


Although I am lost, I am not afraid.

It’s a weird feeling to have.

This is a place that is all too familiar with me.

This is a place where I can view paradise.

This is a place of relaxation.

This is a place of pure imagination.

I wish I could be here forever.

I want that more than anything.


Behind me, I hear a tree branch break.

I turn around and my red sunglasses fly off my face.

They somehow end up in the river,

And they are far from my grasp.

They are lost and forgotten now.


I look back behind me,

And I see a woman next to some bushes and trees.

We were only a few feet away from each other.

I remember her all too well.

She’s wearing some blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

She’s also wearing a gold watch.

I look at her face and notice that she’s crying.

She takes off the gold watch and throws it on the ground.

Then, she runs away from me and goes deeper into the forest.


I quickly get up to chase after her.

I make it to the spot she was just at and see the gold watch.

I pick it up and see that it’s broken.

Time is all messed up on it.


The wind gets more aggressive,

Trees start falling like dominoes.

Thunder is getting louder,

And the clouds are getting darker.

The storm is finally here.

I feel like I should stay here in this place,

This is where I wanna be.

But I must go after her.

She needs me, I know it.

So, I go deeper into the woods,

And run away from a place that brought me peace and tranquility.

In hopes to find her, my true serenity.

Everything turns black.


I wake up from a strange dream.

I don’t remember too much about it.

I think I was in a forest.

The forest kind of reminded me of a girl I once knew.

I can’t stop thinking about her.

I wouldn’t mind if she was in my dreams honestly.

She would definitely be a great dream girl.


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Dream Girls: Part Six

I’m sitting next to a woman on a black boulder in a vast forest.

I look around us and discover the priceless scenery that surrounds us.

The sun is slowly setting,

And it’s providing the sky with an array of colors.

A slight breeze is quietly touching us.

It means us no harm.

It’s only meant to provide us a sound mind.

We’re also in front of a sparkling river.

The rapid flow of the river is pleasing to the ears.

Birds are tweeting and singing in the air,

As well as in the tall, grand, oak trees.


All the sounds in this forest provide a perfect harmony.

It’s orchestrated to perfection.

I’m thankful for this pure symphony.

I never want it to end.

They provide a music you don’t often hear so clearly.

It reminds me of another place.

I can’t think of the specific place,

It’s hard to remember it.

But I know that it’s a place of pure imagination.

I wish I could go back to it.


I shake the thought out of my head and look at the woman.

She’s beautiful,

And I instantly recognize her.

I can’t help but look at her with loving eyes.

She’s exactly how I remembered her.

She’s wearing some blue jeans and a white t-shirt,

It was always her go-to outfit.

But I notice two unfamiliar items on her.

She is wearing a broken gold watch.

The glass is cracked and the hands are not moving at all.

Time is not moving.

On her face are some red aviator sunglasses.

They look nice on her,

But I wish that she wasn’t wearing them.

They’re almost covering her whole face.

Plus, I can’t really see her eyes.

I always loved staring into her eyes.

It was always easy to get lost in them.


We belong together,

Especially in this forest.

I can’t imagine any other place being better than this forest.

Surely, this is where we must be.

Can we be here together forever?

I know it’s not realistic,

But one must hope and dream, right?


Wait, am I dreaming right now?

No, I can’t be dreaming.

I remember this place all too well with her.

This has to be a real moment with her, right?


I look at the woman next to me and beg for an answer.

She looks back at me and smiles.

She takes off her red sunglasses and puts them on my face.

I don’t understand.

I now see a red world.

She giggles and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

Then, she whispers don’t run away.

Everything turns black.


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Dream Girls: Part Five

I find myself in a small, familiar room.

It’s a sacred place.

It was a place of pure imagination.

It was a place where you could view paradise.

It was a place of relaxation.

It was a place where I could be lost but not afraid.

I wish this room was more than a room again,

Why did those days ever have to go?

I wonder.


This small room hasn’t changed at all.

There’s still an unnecessary amount of white papers

With beautiful, black musical notes on it,

Stacked and spread around like skyscrapers in a city.

But wait, there’s something different about this room.

Something’s not right.

In this confined, yet marvelous city,

I see a pool of blood in the middle of the floor.

A crime was committed in here.


I’m frightened now, and I don’t know what’s going on.

I desperately look around for clues.

I don’t see the golden saxophone.

I don’t see the purple guitar.

Where did those sacred items go?

How could they no longer be here?


I rush to the window.

It’s dark outside now,

And I struggle to see anything in what seems to be the darkest of nights.

I manage to somehow see the outline of the black cathedral.

I turn to my left and something is missing.

I just see a stack of white papers.

I feel like there should be something on top of the stacked, white papers.

I just don’t remember.


I have to leave this place now.

It’s just not same anymore,

Especially with the golden saxophone no longer in its place.

I look for a door,

And I see a woman in a black dress smiling at me.

She has some glass in her hand for some odd reason,

And she’s in front of the only brown, wooded door in this room.


I remember what happened in here.

The woman in the black dress attacked me.

She’s responsible for the blood on the ground.

Did she take the golden saxophone and purple guitar?

I can’t know for sure,

All I know is that I must run away from this place.


I can’t go through the brown, wooded door

Because that would mean I would have to go through her.

So, I turn back to the window and break it.

I jump on some stacked, white papers,

And I begin to climb out of the window.

I hear the woman in the black dress start moving towards me.

I’m fearful that she’s gonna stop me.

I turn around and find her kneel down in my pool of blood.

She then starts scooping up the blood in her glass.

Then, she looks at me and smiles with her sharp teeth.

She whispers don’t run away.

Otherwise, I will regret it.


I refuse to stay in this room.

She knows this and blows me a kiss.

She whispers see you soon.

I hope I never see her again,

But something tells me that our paths will cross again.

I jump out the window,

And abandon a place I once held dear.

Everything turns black.


I wake up from a strange dream.

I can’t really remember it all that well.

I can only remember her.

She was a beautiful, frightening monster.

She was not your typical dream girl.


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