Dream Girls: Part Five

I find myself in a small, familiar room.

It’s a sacred place.

It was a place of pure imagination.

It was a place where you could view paradise.

It was a place of relaxation.

It was a place where I could be lost but not afraid.

I wish this room was more than a room again,

Why did those days ever have to go?

I wonder.


This small room hasn’t changed at all.

There’s still an unnecessary amount of white papers

With beautiful, black musical notes on it,

Stacked and spread around like skyscrapers in a city.

But wait, there’s something different about this room.

Something’s not right.

In this confined, yet marvelous city,

I see a pool of blood in the middle of the floor.

A crime was committed in here.


I’m frightened now, and I don’t know what’s going on.

I desperately look around for clues.

I don’t see the golden saxophone.

I don’t see the purple guitar.

Where did those sacred items go?

How could they no longer be here?


I rush to the window.

It’s dark outside now,

And I struggle to see anything in what seems to be the darkest of nights.

I manage to somehow see the outline of the black cathedral.

I turn to my left and something is missing.

I just see a stack of white papers.

I feel like there should be something on top of the stacked, white papers.

I just don’t remember.


I have to leave this place now.

It’s just not same anymore,

Especially with the golden saxophone no longer in its place.

I look for a door,

And I see a woman in a black dress smiling at me.

She has some glass in her hand for some odd reason,

And she’s in front of the only brown, wooded door in this room.


I remember what happened in here.

The woman in the black dress attacked me.

She’s responsible for the blood on the ground.

Did she take the golden saxophone and purple guitar?

I can’t know for sure,

All I know is that I must run away from this place.


I can’t go through the brown, wooded door

Because that would mean I would have to go through her.

So, I turn back to the window and break it.

I jump on some stacked, white papers,

And I begin to climb out of the window.

I hear the woman in the black dress start moving towards me.

I’m fearful that she’s gonna stop me.

I turn around and find her kneel down in my pool of blood.

She then starts scooping up the blood in her glass.

Then, she looks at me and smiles with her sharp teeth.

She whispers don’t run away.

Otherwise, I will regret it.


I refuse to stay in this room.

She knows this and blows me a kiss.

She whispers see you soon.

I hope I never see her again,

But something tells me that our paths will cross again.

I jump out the window,

And abandon a place I once held dear.

Everything turns black.


I wake up from a strange dream.

I can’t really remember it all that well.

I can only remember her.

She was a beautiful, frightening monster.

She was not your typical dream girl.


This is the end of part five of the Dream Girls series. Be sure to like, share and comment your thoughts on this poem!

I will be posting and sharing part six of Dream Girls on Monday!












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