The Ocean Girl: Part Four

We walked back to her place,

I was nervous being with her,

For the first time.

I didn’t know what to expect,

Or if I wanted to find out.

I was drifting further away from shore,

And going into deeper, stranger tides.

Could I survive such unfamiliar territories?

We finally made it back to her place,

Tears started falling from her face,

I quickly embraced her and asked what’s wrong.

She told me today’s her last day here,

She was feeling alone,

She was depressed,

She was looking to escape this world.

She was struggling here and needs to leave.

I couldn’t believe she was feeling this way,

She was always so positive and vibrant,

How could I not see she was hurting?

I was only thinking of myself,

Just enjoying the view,

What could I do to make things right?

How could I show her she’s a rare gem?

How could I show her she’s a beauty in this world?

How could I show her she’s like the ocean?


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