My Worst Nightmare

Why do the days have to be so long with you?

Are you ever gonna give me a break?

Are we ever gonna stop fighting with each other?

Are you ever gonna let me open myself up to others?

Are you always gonna force me into isolation?

Please, I have to know.


I’m trying so hard to make things work with you, but it’s impossible.

You have to have your way because of who you are.

I just want to be happy for once.

Why can’t you let me experience that?

I heard happiness was a special feeling, but I wouldn’t know thanks to you.

Happiness is only a flower that I can never hold.

I can only see its beauty planted from a distance.


I pray to God every day to get rid of you, but you’re still here.

I read the Bible every day to find ways to fight you, but you’re still here.

What more can I do?

How come God and the Bible ain’t enough to fight you?

What more do I need for deliverance from you?


I think about asking others for help, but I’m hesitant.

I don’t want people knowing about you.

I don’t want people associating you with me.

I don’t want people questioning how you’re with me in the first place.

I don’t want people looking at me differently.

I don’t want people discovering how weak I am because of you

I don’t want people learning who I am because of you.


You hold all the power over me.

I fear that you’ll get the best of me.

I’m tired of fighting, and I just want to let you win.

Because you are my worst nightmare.


This is the end of the poem “My Worst Nightmare.”

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This week, I will be posting two short stories. On Tuesday, I will be posting and sharing the short story “Preferences.” On Thursday, I will be posting and sharing the short story “A Terrible Wingman.”


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