My Greatest Teacher

It’s hard to imagine who I’d be without you.

You’ve given me so much, and I can never repay you.

You taught me the beauty of love.

You taught me the significance of faith.

You taught me the importance of family.

You taught me the strength of integrity.

You taught me the power of honor.

You taught me the truth of manhood.

How could I ever repay you?


You taught me good things that some men are never taught.

You helped me learn good things that some men can never learn.

You showed me how a man treats a woman.

It’s with love, honor, respect and care.

It’s with work, strength, kindness and patience.

Sadly, some men treat women differently than how you showed me.

Thank you for making sure that I wasn’t like some men in this world.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a true man.


Thank you for helping me believe in myself as a man.

For a minute, I thought my past would stop me.

It’s always mocking me in the present and never seeming to go away.

However, you assure me that my past will not be my future.

You tell me that my past will be my light.

For it will illuminate my mistakes and tragedies.

However, it will show how far I’ve come.

I’m stronger, wiser, healthier and better because of my past.

I need my past to be who I am today and in the future.

Thank you for teaching me my past is my cure to the future.


You’ve been with me most of my life, and you’ve always had my back.

I’ll always cherish everything you taught me.

I’ll use your teachings and become the man you see me becoming.

I’ll be a man of God.

I’ll be a great husband and a great father to my children.

And I’ll pass down your teachings from generation to generation.

I love you so much dad.

Thank you for being my greatest teacher.



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