A Father at His Weakest

A man finds out that his father died in his sleep.

He’s surrounded by his wife and children when he discovers the terrible news.

He’s devastated, and he doesn’t know how to contain himself.

How can his father be gone so suddenly?

How can he imagine a life without his father?

Without thinking, he cries.

His wife quickly comes over and tries to comfort him.

He welcomes her embrace, and he still continues to cry.

His daughters start crying as well.

It hurts them to see their father in pain.

He assures them that he’ll be alright, and he still continues to cry.

His sons didn’t know what to do.

They had never seen their father be so emotional and vulnerable.

They had never seen their father have a moment of weakness.

They wondered what did it mean as their father continues to cry.


Those boys would later realize that their father was simply being a man.

A man that had lost a father.

A man that needed to cry and mourn for his father.

A man that needed the comfort of his wife and children.

A man that wasn’t afraid to be weak in front of his family.

A man that has integrity, dignity, honor and love in his heart.

A man that always wants to teach his sons the true meaning of strength and courage can come in times of weakness.

Their father was a man at his weakest.

But most importantly, he was a father at his weakest.


This poem is dedicated to my father Shawn McNeil. Thank you for never being afraid to cry, being emotional and being vulnerable. Thank you for always teaching me how to be a true man. I love you so much, dad! Happy Father’s day to you and all the good fathers in this world.



By My Side

I remember when I was scared and didn’t know what I was doing.

I was losing at life and ready to throw in the towel.

I thought to myself that life was too strong of an opponent.

It was faster and stronger than me.

It’s punches were heavy and brutal.

It was like Muhammad Ali.

Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

I couldn’t see my life with my own eyes and couldn’t get control it.

Instead, I just gave up fighting.

What was the point if I didn’t have the skills and necessary resources to beat life?

So, I let life beat me down to a bloody pulp.


Then, my dad came along.

He saw the hurt that I was going through and pushed me to get up.

He couldn’t bear seeing me lose at life.

My dad knew that I was meant to conquer my life.

My dad knew that I was meant to be a fighter, and he wouldn’t let me lie down in defeat.

Instead, he got me on my feet and trained me.


He trained me to fight life as man, not as a boy.

He trained me to be a planner instead of a procrastinator.

He trained me to believe in myself.

He trained me to strengthen my faith in God.

For He is a powerful ally to have to fight life and all it’s allies.

He fueled me with the necessary knowledge and resources to fight life.

My dad truly trained me well.


It’s a constant fight with life, but I’m hanging in there.

Life comes with many surprises and twists, and it sometimes knocks me out.

However, I quickly get back up and continue the fight.

I’m winning more rounds, and it’s thanks to my dad.

He wouldn’t let me give up on myself because he knew that I could beat life.

He knew that I could flourish in life.

He believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.

I love you so much dad and thank you for always being by my side.


This is the end of the poem “By My Side.”

Be sure to like, share and comment your thoughts on this poem dedicated to my dad. I love you so much Shawn McNeil and thank you for being the best dad that I needed in my life. You’ve helped me reach unimaginable heights in life, and I’m so thankful and blessed to call you my dad.

This week, I will be sharing a two-part story this week called “Checking Out a Soon-to-be-Mom.” On Tuesday, I will be posting part one.




My Greatest Teacher

It’s hard to imagine who I’d be without you.

You’ve given me so much, and I can never repay you.

You taught me the beauty of love.

You taught me the significance of faith.

You taught me the importance of family.

You taught me the strength of integrity.

You taught me the power of honor.

You taught me the truth of manhood.

How could I ever repay you?


You taught me good things that some men are never taught.

You helped me learn good things that some men can never learn.

You showed me how a man treats a woman.

It’s with love, honor, respect and care.

It’s with work, strength, kindness and patience.

Sadly, some men treat women differently than how you showed me.

Thank you for making sure that I wasn’t like some men in this world.

Thank you for teaching me how to be a true man.


Thank you for helping me believe in myself as a man.

For a minute, I thought my past would stop me.

It’s always mocking me in the present and never seeming to go away.

However, you assure me that my past will not be my future.

You tell me that my past will be my light.

For it will illuminate my mistakes and tragedies.

However, it will show how far I’ve come.

I’m stronger, wiser, healthier and better because of my past.

I need my past to be who I am today and in the future.

Thank you for teaching me my past is my cure to the future.


You’ve been with me most of my life, and you’ve always had my back.

I’ll always cherish everything you taught me.

I’ll use your teachings and become the man you see me becoming.

I’ll be a man of God.

I’ll be a great husband and a great father to my children.

And I’ll pass down your teachings from generation to generation.

I love you so much dad.

Thank you for being my greatest teacher.