Dream Girls: Part Two

I’m standing in front of a black cathedral,

It’s a frightening sight

Because this cathedral did the impossible and reached Heaven itself.

Despite its size being scary, it’s a beautiful work of art.

This Gothic work of architecture must be praised and admired.

I hope this pleases God.


I’m afraid to enter this place.

I fear that I’m not worthy,

But I must enter the black cathedral.

I have to try for God.


I climb the steps and reach the doors.

They’re golden doors,

And they’re beautiful to look at.

I’m mesmerized by the attention to detail,

As well as the artistic genius of these doors.

I believe they shine and glitter more than Heaven’s golden gates.


I enter the black cathedral,

And I’m surprised by what I see.

Everything is charred and burned to a crisp.

Destruction and terror has entered this beautiful place.

Then, I notice something that is untouched.

It’s a red Bible.

I slowly pick it up,

And I’m amazed that it didn’t get burned.

I can’t believe this black cathedral.

Why is the outside pleasing to the eyes,

Yet the inside is cursed and needs more care?


I see a woman kneeling and praying at the altar.

Her head is facing the ground.

I rush over to her,

But she continues to still pray.

Once I make it to her, there’s a rumble in the black cathedral.

Small pieces of the black cathedral start falling from the ceiling.

The black cathedral is about to collapse.


Then, the woman grabs my arm.

She still has her head facing the ground.

She cries for me to stay with her.

She promises that we’ll be alright,

As long as I have faith in this place.

Then, I see her face so clearly.


Large chunks of the ceiling start falling,

But I’m still in shock with the woman’s face.

It’s beautiful and gorgeous.

She’s an angel that I can’t abandon.

My place has to be with her, right?


No, it can’t be in this black cathedral.

I refuse to believe it.

I push the angel away,

Hold the red Bible tightly and rush to the exit.

I make it out of the black cathedral,

And it falls with the angel inside.


I can’t believe that the black cathedral is destroyed now,

And I can’t believe I abandoned an angel.

God forgive me.

Everything turns black.

I wake up from a strange dream that I can’t help but remember.

I remember the angel.

How could I abandon an angel that is a dream girl?


This is the end of part two of the Dream Girls series. Be sure to like, share and comment your thoughts on this poem!

I will be posting and sharing part three of “Dream Girls” on Thursday!


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