A Love Story at Walmart: Part Two

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m coming to you with part two of “A Love Story at Walmart.” Just to recap, a new girl named Jada started working at Walmart. She wanted me to go to Florida with her for some “fun,” but I declined. Then, my co-worker Jeremiah told me that she asked him the same thing, but it was weird to him. However, he still found himself lusting after her even though he had a girlfriend. Now, it’s time to get into part two.

A couple of days had passed since I had shaken my head at Jeremiah for feenin after Jada, and I was ready to see if Jeremiah was gonna act on his urges. We would all be working together on Friday for the first time, and I didn’t know what to expect. I was kind of excited to see how things would go down between them. A good will they or won’t they. I wasn’t sure though, but I was ready to get my popcorn out and enjoy the show. Honestly, work can be extremely boring, and it’s nice to have a little entertainment every once in a while. I enjoyed Scandal, so why not watch it in real life? In truth, I couldn’t wait till Friday came along.

When Friday came, it was great and chill the first few hours. We all worked, joked around and had a lot of fun stocking things. Our supervisor was mad that we were having fun and getting our work done. You certainly can’t do both, right? It’s absurd to think such things, our supervisor thought. Anyways, lunch time came around. Jada, Jeremiah and I decided to have lunch together.

We all ended up going to McDonald’s and sharing a booth. Jeremiah and I sat on one side, while Jada sat on the other side. We were all just eating, talking and joking around, when Jada all of sudden asked us both why we didn’t want to go to Florida with her.

She said, “Guys, we could have so much fun together. It would be great and just so amazing like come on guys. I’ll pay for everything.”

I was so confused. Why was she so adamant about us going to Florida with her? What’s in Florida? What kind of freaky stuff was she trying to get into? If you have any ideas, comment what you think.

Anyways, as I was thinking these things, Jeremiah was just laughing so hard. Jada and I looked at him with confusion. His laughter ended up being contagious, so me and Jada ended up laughing with him. After a few minutes of contagious laughter, Jada pleaded that she was serious that she wanted to take us to Florida and have a good time. I’m low-key thinking to myself that Jada is some kind of predator or something cause this Florida thing was really on her mind. Then, she asked me directly why I couldn’t go to Florida, and to be nice and think of something fool proof I said that my momma wouldn’t let me.

Jada asked, “Aren’t you 18 though? And why wouldn’t she let you?”

Jeremiah was snickering and laughing as I was getting asked these questions.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Jeremiah’s snickering, but I quickly responded, “Yes, I am 18 years old, but I’m a momma’s boy. I can’t be far away from my mom too long. I love her! She’s the only woman in my life that has a special place in my heart. And if you can’t understand that my love for my mom runs deep, then we can’t be friends.”

I was so dramatic and over the top with that statement, I really gave an Oscar-winning performance. Nevertheless, I could tell that Jada didn’t believe me, and I could see Jeremiah just laughing at me.

Then, Jada said, “Now what’s your lame excuse, Jeremiah?”

Jeremiah was still laughing and crying next to me, and I honestly didn’t understand it. Then, the unexpected happen.

Jeremiah replied, “My girl wouldn’t let me go.”

I was shocked. He actually told another girl that he got a girlfriend, and my mouth was wide open. It was so unexpected. It was a major plot twist, and I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

I looked at Jada, and she seemed a little confused and kind of heartbroken. Then, she said, “Oh, I didn’t you know you had a girlfriend.”

Jeremiah leaned over to her and whispered, “Well, it’s complicated.”

“What do you mean it’s complicated,” she asked.

He leaned in a little closer to her, gave her this weird look and said, “Like I said, it’s complicated.”

After he said that, Jeremiah touched her arm and smiled at Jada. Jada gave a little smile to Jeremiah, started blushing and said, “Oh.”

I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed. Jeremiah seduced her with a phrase that he always told me, and I was stunned that he used it to his advantage. How did he make “it’s complicated” so sexy to Jada? To this day I want to know. It was just so unbelievable to me. I honestly have to give Jeremiah credit. I mean, he didn’t lie to Jada about having a girl, and she still wanted him.

At that moment, I knew that Jeremiah had her, and it would be the beginning of their “love” story.

That’s the end of “A Love Story at Walmart: Part Two.” This will be a four-part story. I will be sharing part three Tuesday Feb. 19. Thank you for reading part two, be sure to like, subscribe and comment your thoughts on this love story.

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