A Love Story at Walmart: Part One

Well, Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away. While lovers and couples will be enjoying their company, some of us will have no one and simply observe the unavoidable lovers that will cross our paths on Valentine’s Day. It will be a sad, pathetic time for single people. Just kidding, my single people. We’re going to be balling, having some me-time, watching Netflix and chilling alone, but most importantly we’re going to be saving money! We don’t have to waste our money on overrated things like flowers that will die, expensive chocolate thhiat doesn’t even taste good or that last-minute dinner reservation to a fancy restaurant that will be packed. I mean, who wants to eat in a packed restaurant? You’re hearing everyone around you, and you can barely hold a conversation with the person/people you’re with. When you think about it, it’s honestly a good time to be single. While I’m thankful for my singleness and hopeful that I’ll find the one soon in my life, I’m reminded of a “love” story that I witnessed at Walmart that honestly made me praise God that I was single.

A couple of years ago, I was working at Walmart in the summer time. Around July, Walmart had hired this new girl named Jada. She ended up working the same shift as me, which was the 5am-3pm shift. My supervisor ended up partnering her up with me in the backroom where we have everything stocked. I’m not gonna lie, I was immediately attracted to her the first time I met her. Jada was a couple of years older than me, and she really caught my eye. Then, things got a little weird the first few minutes that we worked and talked. She asked me if I was single, and I responded that I was. Then, she asked me if I wanted to go to Florida with her. I was taken by surprise, but I quickly told her that I was good. However, she kept asking and insisting that we could have a lot of fun in Florida, and I just kept telling her “no.” Eventually, she dropped it, and we ended up being cool and friends that day.

The next day, my co-worker/friend Jeremiah came into work that day. Jeremiah was a pretty cool and chill dude. We’d always have lunch together, and we would always joke around and have fun at work. At one point, we found out that we went to the same school at the time, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Anyways, we’re eating lunch at McDonald’s that day, and he asks me if anything interesting happened at work yesterday. I tell him that there was a new girl that I worked with yesterday. He asked if she was cute, and I responded that I thought she was cute but a little weird. I told him about the Florida thing, and he was laughing and talking about how I wasn’t ready for a freak. I chuckled and told him to be quiet. I took a look at Jeremiah and can tell that he’s already interested in her.

It should be important to note that at the time Jeremiah was in a “complicated” relationship. At the time, he was in a two-year relationship with his girlfriend, but he always insisted that it was “complicated.” He loved her, he was committed to her, he wanted to marry her and have kids with her, but it was “complicated.” He opened up to me and talked about how he was talking and being with other girls, and I never passed any judgement on him. The reason being was because he didn’t judge me for being a virgin. He was supportive and respectful of my decision to be a virgin till marriage. So, I gave him the same courtesy and did not judge him for his decisions. Instead, I was just respectful, understanding and supportive when he talked about other girls.

Anyways, Jeremiah could not wait to meet Jada.

Two days later, I worked with Jeremiah, and he told me that he met Jada. I asked him what he thought about her, and he said that I was right about her.

“Yeah man, she was trying to get me to go to Florida with her, too!” he said.

We were laughing about the whole thing at lunch, but Jeremiah quickly pointed out that he couldn’t deny that she had a “rocking body.” He started looking all weird and smiling, and I knew that he was contemplating and lusting after Jada. All I could do was shake my head.

This is the end of “A Love Story at Walmart: Part One.” This will be a four-part story. I will be sharing part two tomorrow February 14 on Valentine’s Day. Thank you for reading part one, be sure to like, subscribe and comment your thoughts on this love story.

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