A Love Story at Walmart: Part Three

Hey y’all, I’m coming to you with part 3 of “A Love Story at Walmart.” Just to recap, Jeremiah, Jada and I finally work together on Friday and things are going well. Suddenly, while we’re having lunch, she asks us again why we don’t want to go to Florida with her. I used my momma as an excuse by giving an Oscar-worthy performance of why I can’t be too far away from her. There was a lot of laughter from Jeremiah, and Jada didn’t believe me. Jeremiah used his girlfriend as an excuse, but he was still able to seduce Jada into liking him right in front of me! It shocked me, and it was the beginning of their love story. Now let’s dive on in to “A Love Story at Walmart: Part Three.”

After Jeremiah ended up seducing Jada by using his girlfriend and his catchphrase “it’s complicated”, things got weird. On that same day, Jada suggested that we give her our numbers to start a group chat. Jeremiah was quick to give her his number, and I reluctantly gave her my number. I was hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect from Jada in text messages. Nevertheless, I gave her my number. When Jada started the group chat, it was nice, sweet and wholesome. We would just tell wholesome jokes, and we were all just friends. Then, a few days later, it got a little freaky. Jeremiah started flirting with her in the group chat, and she started flirting back. It was a back and forth thing, and I’m feeling awkward about the whole thing because I’m in the middle of it. I was thinking to myself, “Why do y’all have me in the middle of y’all’s little love game?” I was straight up annoyed with their flirting on the group chat, like get a room or something. Why couldn’t they just talk or text privately? I was asking myself. I was trying to have a clean mind, but their dirty talking was ruining my mind. After a few days of non-stop flirting from Jada and Jeremiah, I had enough and knew that I had to talk to Jeremiah.

When it’s just me and Jeremiah having lunch at Walmart, I decide to bring it up with him.

I said, “Bro, so what’s up with you and Jada?”

Jeremiah chuckled and responded, “I don’t know man, it’s complicated.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle with him. Then I laughed and said, “Well, look man, whatever’s going on with you two, can y’all just please stop flirting so much in the group chat, it’s getting annoying.”

“What you mean?” he asked.

“I mean, y’all are doing too much. Like yesterday, Jada said some off the wall comment, and you were like ‘oh you a bad girl, I might have to give you a spanking’ and then she said, ‘oh my gosh haha, well I do like getting spanked sometimes. It’s kind of fun and turns me on.’ Then y’all started sending each other emojis, while I’m still there. Like do y’all forget that it’s a group message, and I’m the other person in the group chat,” I smiled and replied.

We both ended up laughing, Jeremiah said, “I feel you, man. I’ll start texting her in private. But look man, when things start heating up with me and her, we’re gonna be doing a lot of things in private, if you know what I mean.”

I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh at his ridiculousness. After our conversation, there was barely any flirting in the group chat. It was somewhat wholesome and kind of pure again.

A few days had passed, and Jeremiah and I were stocking and working in the backroom. I remember that he was looking at one spot in the corner behind a lot of products, and he starts chuckling. I ask him what’s so funny, and he replies that he’ll tell me during lunch. When lunch time arrives, we’re sitting in McDonald’s and he’s all smiles and giggles. So, I asked him what happened.

He said, “Yesterday, Jada and I were making out for ten minutes in the backroom.”
I was shocked and stunned. We start laughing, and I tell him that I don’t believe it.
He replied, “It’s true, man. We were joking around and laughing, and I was poking and touching her while we were stocking, then she started doing the same thing. One thing led to another, and we ended up in a corner just making out. I wanted to lay it down on her man, but she didn’t want to do it there. After work, we got in her car and had some fun, man!”

I couldn’t help but shake my head and smile at Jeremiah’s excitement telling the story, and I believed him. I asked him if it was one-time thing with Jada, and he replied, “I don’t know man, it’s complicated.”

We’re both laughing, and I’m interested to see what goes down between Jeremiah and Jada.

The next day, we’re all working together again, Jada, Jeremiah and me, and there’s just nothing but PDA between the two of them. When we’re working, they’re just laughing and touching each other a lot. My supervisor Sunny was annoyed with it and told them to stop or she’ll have to separate them. They never stopped, they were just sneaking it in while Sunny wasn’t looking.

When we were having lunch, it was so weird and uncomfortable for me. They were sitting close to each other just giggling and touching each other. Jeremiah was whispering a lot in her ear. He was touching and caressing her thighs so much that he had me almost fantasizing about Jada’s thighs. I’m just feeling so dirty and wrong being in their company, the PDA was so strong with them. Then, he starts laughing and smacking her thigh, and she’s loving it. It was so bad that they had me questioning why I was still a virgin. After work, I had to run home, get my holy water, read the Bible and pray to God because they were doing so much. They were just so open with it, their lust for each other was so strong. To this day, I have never seen so much PDA in my life. I can vividly see it, and it’s almost engrained in my mind. I was stunned and couldn’t believe what I had witnessed.

After that day, I could never have lunch with them again. It was almost sinful to have lunch with them knowing that they were going to be very affectionate, touchy and intimate with one another. From a distance, I saw their “love story” blossom. They started holding hands at work, and they started taking drives during lunch to “have more fun.” There was still a lot of PDA displayed between the two of them, but I thankfully kept my distance. There were definitely times that we hung out and had lunch together, but for the most part they were doing their own thing at work. I was fine with it because I viewed them as a couple, and I was cool giving them their space. When I had lunches with Jeremiah, he would always talk about her body and how he loved it. When I was working with Jada, she would always talk about how they were in lust, I mean love, according to Jada. She loved Jeremiah, and Jeremiah loved her body.

At the beginning of August, it was a Friday, and we were all working together again. Then, I was out in the sales floor at Walmart, and I’m approached by this beautiful, black girl. She’s about the same age as me, and I was stunned by her beauty. She was an absolute angel. I asked her if I could help her with anything.
She gave me a sweet smile and replied, “Yeah, I’m looking for Jeremiah. I’m his girlfriend.”

That is the end of part three of “A Love Story at Walmart.” I will be posting “A Love Story at Walmart: Part Four” on Thursday. Be sure to like, subscribe, share and comment your thoughts on part three of “A Love Story at Walmart.”

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