My Shadow

Life isn’t easy with you in my life

I often find myself lost and alone because of you

I feel like I’m going insane

I’m in so much pain

All that remains is you inside me

Sometimes I feel like I’m a psycho

But I know that I’m exaggerating

I mean, we all go a little mad sometimes, right?

However, I’m mad all the time with you in my life

At night, I can’t sleep or dream

I only think about my nightmares on sleepless nights

And I wonder how long can this go on?

How long can I carry you on my back?

How long can I allow you to break me?

How long can I see you and nothing more?

How long can I feel you creeping up on me?

How long can I hear you echoing in my ears?

How long can I endure you?

I want to change, but I can’t

Because I’m not motivated to do so

It’s too late to make that change

It’s too late to love myself

Or anyone else for that matter

With you in my life, I have no life

I’m just a shell filled with emptiness

Is there a way out?

I doubt it

You are all that stands in my way

What can I say?

All I can do is welcome the darkness

Welcome the silence

Welcome the nothingness

Welcome the ignorance

For you are my shadow

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