I think about you every day

What can I say?

You give me what I need

But you feed me way too much

And I’m always full of greed and laziness because of you

You’ve made me an addict

I am lost and sick without you

I know that I can’t be dependent on you

But I can’t help it

You give me the high I need that makes me feel like I can fly in the sky

I try to get rid of you

But I fail each and every time I try to

I want you every single day

And I don’t care

I don’t care that you’re slowly killing me

I don’t care that you’re manipulating me

I don’ care that you’re always infecting my mind

Because when I hit rewind, I remember that I started it

I’m the one that desperately wanted you and knew the consequences

I knew what I was doing

And I can’t play the victim card, even if I’m a victim now

I have to find a way out

But I’m still digging a bigger hole that’s close to being bottomless

It’s hopeless

Is there a way out?

Probably not

I’m destined to have you in my life

I’m betrothed to you till death do us part

I can’t stand you

I hate you

But I need you now more than ever




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