Nightmares: My Future is My Nightmare

My future is coming soon

It’s waiting to come out of it’s cocoon

I hope it will be bright like a full moon

But I don’t know if that’s possible

Then again, it’s not impossible

If anything, it’s plausible and probable

That my future is set and inevitable

Still, I wish I knew my future

My worries are my sickness, and I need a cure

I need something to make me whole and pure

Who am I kidding, there is no cure

Only a nightmare


What will I be when I’m older?

Will I be bolder or colder?

Will I have my life in order?

Will I fulfill my purpose in life?

Will I have kids and a beautiful wife?

Will I be happy with my life?

Will I change the world?

Or will the world change me?

Will I live to see thirty?

Or will I be old enough to see ninety?

Will God be proud of me?

All these questions I have, I can no longer bear

Would anyone even care?

About my future, my nightmare?


I don’t like the uncertainty

Or the absurdity and deformity

Of my future

And I just want to be sure about my future

I need an answer and cure for my future

Why can’t I know?

Is my future a friend or a foe?

Forget it, I’ll never know

Who am I kidding?

My future wants to remain hidden

And there’s nothing I can do about it

I have to wait till I get hit with my future

Doesn’t seem legit

Should I give a fit?

About my future, my nightmare?


This is what I fear

I fear my future is near

Or perhaps it’s already here

But it’s not clear

I hope I can stop worrying about my future

I just wish I wasn’t unsure

About my future

I wish that I could not care

About my future, my nightmare

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