Just Leave Me Alone

There’s this girl on my mind

That makes me believe that love is blind

Because I love how she’s designed

She’s just so sweet, funny and kind

But I know that I need to leave her behind

Because she’s not right for me

But she cannot see

That we’re not meant to be


She still believes that we’re a possibility

And she does not have the ability

Nor the capability

To realize that we’re not meant to be a reality

In all actuality

She wants me to remember

All my times with her

Were something special

And that we have the potential

Together, to be successful

She just wanted me to give us a chance

And give romance a chance

If we want to advance in a relationship

But I’m not interested in a courtship

I just want a friendship

But she doesn’t care

And it’s not fair

I want to tell her that it’s not fair

But I wouldn’t dare

Because I care


My problem is that I care too much

I still care about her warm touch

But I need to forget

Before there’s only regret

And tragedy like in Hamlet

We’re not meant to last long

We’re just the typical, short, love song

But I’m not wrong


We barely have anything in common

No, the truth is she’s too foreign

I know that sounds rotten

I didn’t mean for it to sound rotten

But it’s the truth

She deeply cares about her culture

That’s far different from mine

Like water is to fine wine

We’re not meant to be long-term

If anything, we’re short-term

I’m just thinking about the future

Something that I’m unsure about

But what I am sure about

Is that she’s not the answer or cure to my life


I wish nothing but the best for her

But we can’t be together

We have to go our separate ways

If we want better days

There’s someone out there for the both of us

It’s a must for us to realize this


She is someone that I will miss

I wish that we could’ve shared a simple kiss

And possibly see if love was on our list

But I already knew that it was too risky

And that a kiss wouldn’t have changed anything

If anything, it would’ve made things worse

I just want her to realize that we’re not meant to be

And for her to just leave me alone


I wrote this poem a year ago, and it’s basically about a girl, let’s call her Lilly, that liked me and wanted something more with me. I don’t talk to her anymore because of something that happened between us, but that’s another story. Anyways, the poem talks about how Lilly was funny, smart and sweet. She was this very exotic, pretty girl from an Asian country. Even though Lilly had all of these great, unique qualities that I loved about her, I still didn’t want to be in a relationship with her. The reason is because we couldn’t connect at all. For me, having a connection with someone is important. How can you love someone that you can’t connect with? Lilly was a great girl, but she wasn’t for me. She was a girl that was deeply immersed with her culture, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I actually admired it. I’ve connected with girls with different backgrounds and cultures because I at least had something in common with them. Something that allowed us to connect.  I just didn’t have that feeling or vibe with Lilly. I still wanted to be friends with her, but I never wanted a relationship with her because I knew that it would never work out. Unfortunately, she didn’t see it my way. She still wanted me to give her a chance, and I actually did. We actually went on a date on Christmas but that’s an entirely different story.

Thank you for reading my poem “Just Leave Me Alone” on “The Warfield Zone.” Hope you enjoyed reading this post and hope to see you again on “The Warfield Zone.”

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