The Black Pill: Part Four

Just to recap, Kenneth decides to choose the white pill over the black pill because it’s the easy choice for him. However, he questions the man in the white suit about the authenticity of the white pill. The man in the white suit assures Kenneth that the white pill will guarantee Kenneth his son, Jeremiah. In addition, the man in the white suit sweetens the deal by telling Kenneth that he will make Jeremiah any age that he wants. It all sounded good to Kenneth, and he was ready to take the white pill. Before Kenneth could take the white pill, the man in the white suit asks him if he was interested in the black pill. The black pill would guarantee sobriety, a job and a house, but Kenneth was not interested in the black pill. Kenneth swallows the white pill with ease, and he tells the man in the white suit that he wants his son to be five years old. The man in the white suit assures Kenneth that he’ll have his son when he’s five years old, instructs him to walk through the red door and wake up to a new life with his son. Kenneth asks the man in the white suit who he is, but the man in the white suit remains silent and tells Kenneth he likes to remain a mystery. After that, Kenneth walks through the red door and wakes up to a new life with his newly five-year-old son Jeremiah.

Now, it’s time to get into the fourth and final part of “The Black Pill.”

For their first year together, life was perfect for Kenneth and Jeremiah. Their life together was filled with laughter, joy and love. They were closer than ever, and Kenneth was so thankful for this. Kenneth was able to be a father to Jeremiah because he was so willing to accept his love, and he had Jeremiah with him instead of Jeremiah being three hours away from him. It was so much easier and simpler to be the father he wanted to be for Jeremiah.

However, some things never change. To Kenneth’s surprise, Monica was still a constant part of Jeremiah’s life. She would visit Jeremy almost every week, talk to him every day and be a mother to him despite being three hours away from him. Kenneth didn’t understand it. How could Monica have the time and energy to raise another child and still be a mother to Jeremiah? It was crazy to him, but he was glad that he didn’t have to worry about it. It just disappointed him that Jeremiah still had more love for Monica than him. How was that possible? Kenneth thought to himself. It kind of bothered him, but he chose to understand that Jeremiah will always have love for his mother. All Kenneth could do was enjoy his son’s company with him.

Kenneth and Jeremiah had a great year together. They shared all sort of holidays together, and Kenneth was an almost perfect father to Jeremiah. As they were close to ringing in the New Year together on Dec. 31, Kenneth was hopeful that next year would bring more of the same for him and his son. Sadly, he was mistaken.

On Dec. 31, Kenneth decided to drop Jeremiah off with his parents, so that he could go to the bar and drink with his friends. Kenneth drank his heart out that night. He drank and drank until the bartender refused to give him anything more to drink. He ended up getting in a fight with one of his friends because of a disagreement. After the fight, Kenneth had to drive himself home. He was driving all crazy on the road, and he ended up getting stopped by a police officer. The police officer ended up arresting Kenneth for DUI. He called his parents to get him, but they didn’t answer him. Instead, Kenneth ended up spending New Year’s Day and a couple of days in jail.

Things only got worse for Kenneth after that. He kept losing jobs year after year because he would show up late to work and get in constant fights with his coworkers. Jeremiah would find Kenneth passed out on the floor most mornings, and it would just disappoint Jeremiah. This went on for years, and it hurt Jeremiah to witness his father’s alcoholism take control over him. Why couldn’t Kenneth get it together for Jeremiah? It was getting harder and harder for Jeremiah to love his father.

When Jeremiah was nine years old, Kenneth got evicted from his apartment because of missing payments. It was scary because Kenneth was unemployed and homeless with his child. Kenneth didn’t want Monica finding out that he had him and Jeremiah living in his car, but she found out after three months. Monica was angry with Jeremiah, and she demanded Jeremiah live with her. Kenneth refused. He wanted Jeremiah with him. That’s all he needed in his life was his son. How could Monica take Jeremiah away from him? How could he be a father if Jeremiah was so far away from him? Kenneth thought these questions to himself.

Monica was able to successfully gain custody of Jeremiah, and Kenneth had once again lost Jeremiah.

For a whole year, Kenneth didn’t talk to Jeremiah. This hurt Jeremiah more than anything, but it had to be done for Kenneth. He needed to just live his life and have a little break from fatherhood. Sadly, he couldn’t be a father to Jeremiah because he was once again too far away.

Years passed and once again, Kenneth finds himself back in his present situation of having no relationship with his son, unemployment, living with his parents and alcoholism. How could he not have his son? What did he do wrong? He’s in a dark place now, and he needs a drink.

It’s midnight, and Kenneth decides that he wants to go to the bar. He leaves his parents’ house and heads to his car. Then, he notices a strange figure leaning on his car. It’s the man in the white suit.

Kenneth just stops in his tracks and cannot believe who he is seeing. The man in the white suit smiles and says, “Wow, you like you’ve seen a ghost or something. Are you surprised to see me?”

Kenneth nods his head. The man in the white suit says, “Well, before you go to the bar to drink like crazy, why don’t you follow me real quick?”

“Are you gonna give me another choice?” Kenneth asks.

The man in the white suit stops smiles, gives Kenneth a straight face and replies, “Yeah, something like that. Just follow me.”

The man in the white suit turns his back on Kenneth and starts walking. Kenneth quickly follows. Kenneth’s still mad that he hasn’t seen the man in the white suit’s face. He wants to find out. Kenneth tries to look into his face, but he ends up passing out again. Then, he wakes up to the room where he acquired the white pill.

Kenneth looks around, and he notices that it’s a well-lit room now. He looks around and sees the old TV set, the white chair and coffee table across from him, and the bookcase with the white and gray book. He looks to his right and sees the red door. He looks to his left and sees the man in the white suit with his back turned. He’s looking out the window and holding the black book.

The man in the white suit continues to stare out the window. Kenneth states, “You know, we don’t have to go through you talking about The Matrix again. I’ll just take the white pill and be on my way. I just want my son.”

The man in the white suit takes a deep breathe and says, “You know, I wish that I could open this book, but I can’t because of you.

Kenneth is confused, and the man in the white suit continues, “Humans and dark colors. Why can’t humans see the beauty in dark colors? Why is it that the dark colors in life are considered evil and impure? I reckon I blame society. White is good, while black is evil.”

Kenneth starts to get a little scared, and he says, “Look, all I want—

The man in the white suit interrupts, “Yes! Yes! All you want. That’s what this is about. That’s what this has always been about, right? What do you want, Kenneth? Want! Want! Want! Never need with you!”

Kenneth nods his head. The man in the suit then says, “Come over here, Kenneth. There’s something that I want you to see.”

Kenneth slowly gets up and starts walking towards the window. Kenneth finds himself next to the man in the white suit. He looks out the window, and he discovers that it’s him and Jeremiah together. They’re sharing a talk and laugh together, and it brings tears to Kenneth’s eyes. Then, Kenneth sees Jeremiah mouth the words “I love you” to him, and they end up hugging each other. Kenneth turns to the man in the white suit, and he finally sees his face. The face surprises Kenneth, and his heart is beating fast. The man in the white suit looks Kenneth in the eyes, smiles and whispers, “You know, what we witnessed was your future if you had taken the black pill. You see, I left out certain things about the black pill. The black pill would not only give you sobriety, a job and a home, but it would also show you how to love yourself. That was your problem. You didn’t love yourself enough to change. How could your son love you, if you can’t even love yourself? How could you take care of your son, if you can’t take care of yourself?”

Kenneth starts crying, and the man in the white suit walks away from the window. He continues, “That’s all your son ever wanted for you was to take care of yourself. However, you were simply blinded by your own wants and desires. Jeremiah needed to see that his father was more than an alcoholic and hothead, but you failed him. You only disappointed him.”

Kenneth falls to the ground, and the man in the white suit walks towards the door. He yells, “You live in the past, Kenneth. You blame the past for your misfortunes and refuse to see the potential of the future. Instead of realizing what you need, you focus on your desires and use them as crutches. So, you swallow and swallow the white pill with ease every day with no regard of the necessity of the black pill in your life.”

Kenneth is on the ground and cries, “Please, please, I’m sorry! Please, give me another chance. I want the black pill now! Please!”

“Unfortunately, it’s too late. You’ve made your choice and walked through this red door. I can’t give you a second chance. Like I said, I’m not the Devil or an angel. I’m just…well, you know.

The man in the white suit opens the red door, looks back at Kenneth and replies, “Goodbye Kenneth, I hope you figure things out. Maybe there is a chance you can still have your son, but it’ll be a long, hard road to him, I reckon. I just wish you would’ve taken the black pill to make things easier for yourself.”

Before Kenneth could say or do anything, the man in the white suit walks out and closes the door. The man in the white suit takes with him the black book. He also takes with him far from Kenneth’s grasp, the black pill.

This is the end of “The Black Pill: Part Four”

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