The Philadelphia Girl: Part Four

Hey y’all, I’m coming to you with the epic conclusion of “The Philadelphia Girl: Part Four.” Just to recap, I freaked out about saying I’m gonna lay the mack down on my mystery girl because I remember that I’m a terrible texter. However, I decided to remain calm, cool and collect for Mike’s sake and to give him confidence to text his long-time crush. My text game was miraculously on point with Maria, and Mike ended up getting a response from his crush. It was a happy time for both me and Mike on Brian’s birthday. The next day, a Saturday, I was still texting Maria and getting to know her a little more. There was a connection with her, but she dropped a bombshell on me. She informed me that she was from Philadelphia and just visiting her best friend. She was planning on leaving Monday. I’m devastated by the news and can’t believe that our love story had to be cut short. Then, my friends convinced me to try to meet up with her, after all we had two days together. I asked Maria if she wanted to hang out, and she naturally wanted to see me. We tried to meet on Sunday, but I wasn’t able to meet up with her that day. Luckily, we rescheduled and agreed to meet at Lotsa in Oakland on Monday, the day she was leaving Pittsburgh. On Monday, I headed to Oakland and went to Lotsa to see my sweet Maria before she departed to Philadelphia.

The unexpected happened with Maria, the Philadelphia Girl, and I can’t help but think about what could’ve been had I made a certain choice that day. What was the choice that I faced with Maria? Well, let’s find out in “The Philadelphia Girl: Part Four.”

For whatever reason, I was struggling to find Lotsa. I parked my car and everything, but I was just walking around in circles. I could not find the restaurant that I was seeking in Oakland. It was a struggle for me. After 12 minutes of walking aimlessly, I received a text message from Maria about if I got lost. I explained that I was minute away, but I somehow ended up being five minutes away from the restaurant. I was near Five Guys. Maria told me that I was close and texted me that her friend was gonna wait for me outside, and she would be wearing an orange shirt. A few minutes later, I saw a pretty redhead in an orange shirt. As I approached her, she recognized me and quickly embraced me. She was laughing and wondering about how I got lost, and I told her that it was complicated. She laughed and told me that her name was Ashley. She apologized for hugging me so abruptly and explained that she was a hugger. I told her that it was fine, and she proceeded in giving me another hug. Then, Ashley said, “You know, I already like you. You get two points for that. Let’s go inside and meet up with Maria.”

It wasn’t crowded at all at Lotsa. It was just a few people, and I was instantly able to see Maria sitting down. She was looking absolutely stunning. When she saw me, Maria instantly got out of her chair and came running towards me. We hugged, and it just felt good seeing Maria in person for the first time.

As I was sitting down at their table, Ashley smiled and said, “Aww you’re a really great hugger, Isaiah. You get three points for that.”

I was confused with the points by Ashley, and I wanted to ask her about that. Before I could, Ashley tells me to make sure I go and get something to eat first. I couldn’t object because I was hungry, and I was desperate for some food. So, I created my personalized pizza and came back to the table. As I was eating my pizza, Ashley asked me what sort of toppings did I have on my pizza. I showed her my toppings, and she approved and gave me one point. I asked Ashley about the points, and she responded, “That’s for me and Maria to know, and you to maybe find out. All you need to know is that you need at least 18 points.”

I was confused and didn’t understand the point of the points. Anyways, I found out how Maria saw me and how Ashley got the note to come my way. Maria explained that they were finishing eating at Burgatory, when she saw me coming through the door. Maria motioned Ashley to look at me, and she approved of my cuteness and sexiness. It was Ashley’s idea to get the note to me as they were walking out of the restaurant. My friends and I ended up seated next to them. As soon as we were seated, Ashley and Maria decided to leave the restaurant. Then, it would be Ashley that would slip me the note on their way out.

I laughed as Maria and Ashley told their side of the story to me, and I shared how my friend Mike and I were searching high and low for them in the restaurant. It was our mission to find them. Then, I added how Mike was inspired by me to text and receive a response from his crush. They asked me about my friend Brian, and I responded that he was high and had no clue of what was going on. They laughed about my friends being fun and funny, and Ashley gave me four points for being a true friend.

We started just having fun, silly conversations with each other. We were talking about crazy college experiences we had, among other things. Ashley was telling me some interesting things about the relationship she had with Maria. She was telling me how sharing is important to them, and I said that sharing is caring. Ashley was happy about my approval of them sharing and gave me five points for my response. Also, Ashley told me that they like to have wild, crazy times together and there were no limits with them. I responded, “Okay, that’s what’s up. Life’s too short to be all boring and safe with everything.”

Maria smiled at me, and Ashley gave me three points for my response. “Awesome! You got 18 points. Now, let’s get out of here and go back to my place.”

As were walking towards Ashley’s place, I found myself wondering what were the points for exactly? I needed this information.

When we made it to Ashley’s place, I noticed that there were a lot of boxes of things in the house. She explained that she was moving to Florida and going to school down there. She was excited about going to Florida and could not wait to go down there because it was her dream location.

Anyways, we were all hanging out and talking, when Maria decided that it was time for us to help her start packing her things. It wasn’t a lot of things. She just had two suitcases, three big bags and two coolers to put in her car. When we were done helping Maria gather our things, we went right back to just chilling and relaxing. Then, it got a little weird. I noticed that Maria and Ashley were giving each other looks, and I asked them if everything was okay. Maria assured me that everything was fine. All of a sudden, they went upstairs and left me alone downstair. It was quiet for a few minutes, and then Ashley yelled if I could bring her phone to her upstairs. I grabbed it and then she yelled, “Can you open my phone real quick and see if I have any messages?”

She told me her pin, and I opened her phone and found my mouth wide open. My mouth was wide open because I found myself presented with a collage of Maria and Ashley kissing each other. So, I quickly realized that they were trying to have a threesome with me. It all made sense to me now. The points were to mesure if I was good enough to come to their place and have sex with them. Also, Ashley talked about her and Maria being wild and wanting to share. The hugs were to get a feel for me. Plus, they’re both leaving Pittsburgh soon, and it made sense to me that they wanted to have a last hurrah together before they go their separate ways.

I didn’t know what to do. I was confused and shocked. Should I go upstairs and find out what’s waiting for me? Or should I avoid it?

I started thinking to myself that maybe I was wrong and misinterpreted things. I mean, some people just happen to casually leave out some interesting photography. Maybe the pictures meant absolutely nothing, but I didn’t want to find out. I needed to just leave, I thought to myself. I didn’t want to do anything that I would regret, especially with two girls that were gonna be out of my life just like that. Plus, it would be my first time, and I probably wouldn’t last long. It would just be embarrassing for me and disappointing to Ashley and Maria. Also, I didn’t want my first time to be considered meaningless sex with two girls. I want my first time to be meaningful and with my future wife. So, I stayed downstairs and acted like I couldn’t find the phone. Maria and Ashley came downstairs and found the phone. Before anything else could happen, I told them that I had to leave. They wanted me to stay a little longer, but I think that Maria could tell that I wasn’t trying to get with them. So, she added, “You know, I think I need to head out too. It is getting kind of dark, and I have a long drive ahead of me.”

So, we all said our goodbyes to each other. We gave each other hugs and went our separate ways. Maria and I tried to continue texting and Snapping each other, but we ended up just drifting apart.

I have no regrets for how I decided to handle everything with Ashley and Maria. At the end of it all, I’m grateful for the fun adventure that I experienced with Maria, the Philadelphia Girl.

This marks the end of “The Philadelphia Girl: Part Four.”

Thank you for following the four-part series “The Philadelphia Girl.” Be sure to like, share and comment your thoughts on this love story.

Next week, I will be posting poetry on Tuesday and Thursday.

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