Is Lebron James Cute?

A couple of years ago, I was attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), and I was having a typical lunch/hang out with my friends Sam and Obi in the Folger Dining Hall. It had just gotten built on campus, and I remember how excited we were about the dining hall. A couple of months would pass, and we would have nothing but disgust for Folger’s. That’s another story.

We’re sitting down in the new dining hall talking and enjoying ourselves, and we saw our friend Antoinette come walking towards us. She was Face Timing someone on the phone, and there was a lot of yelling and screaming from her. Everyone could tell that she was upset. When Antoinette got to our table, she sat down and hung up the phone. Obi asked her what was going on, and Antoinette replied, “It’s Young Vegan, he getting on my nerves.”

Young Vegan, who goes by other names like Captain Veggie or Veggie Man, was Antoinette’s boyfriend that lived in Philadelphia. He was about 27, 28-ish, while Antoinette was 21. He had a full-time job and everything. Antoinette would Face Time with him all the time whenever all four of us hung out, and we all called him Young Vegan because he had became a vegan. He couldn’t stand the nicknames we gave him, especially Veggie Man and Captain Veggie, but he had to suck it up and deal with it because we were all the way in Indiana, and he was all the way in Philadelphia.

Anyways, Sam asks her what happened and she explains, “Well, me and Young Vegan were talking, and he was talking about some conversation that he had with one of his female coworkers about Lebron James.”

Antoinette went on to say that Young Vegan and his coworker came to the conclusion that Lebron James wasn’t cute at all, however Antoinette said something to him that would enrage him. She said to him, “Well, I don’t agree with that. I think he’s alright, but there are probably some girls that think Lebron James is cute and popping.”

Antoinette told us that this infuriated him. Young Vegan was yelling at her and telling her that Lebron James wasn’t cute at all. He was ugly. They ended up having a whole argument. Antoinette argued to him multiple times that there were probably some girls that thought that Lebron was cute, but Young Vegan didn’t want to hear it. They were arguing about this for hours, and Young Vegan was still messaging her about conversations he had with other girls that agreed with him. We could all tell that Antoinette was annoyed because she at first thought that they were just arguing for fun, but she discovered that it was deep for Captain Veggie. Veggie Man was all in his feelings about the possibility of other females finding Lebron James cute.

I couldn’t understand this whole thing. I was asking myself how Lebron James being cute ended up being a deep thing for Young Vegan. Why make a simple disagreement a big deal? Does my friend Antoinette have to totally agree with you with everything you say, otherwise you’ll throw a fit? I couldn’t imagine dealing with someone that blew the simplest of things out of proportion. That was just so messed up to me, I thought to myself.

Antoinette told us that one of the things that Veggie Man argued was that girls only look at Lebron James because he’s an NBA star and got money.

Antoinette explained to us how she thought that even if Lebron James was just some regular guy on the streets, girls would still be checking for him. He still had some features on him that women found attractive, and Young Vegan wasn’t hearing it. He kept telling her that she was wrong, and he was getting so emotional with her.

Then, Antoinette asked us what we all thought about her situation. Sam said, “Girl, I agree with you. Have you seen Lebron’s wife? She’s gorgeous and clearly had a thing for Lebron James before he got that money.”

I added that beauty is subjective and that there were probably thousands, maybe even millions of girls that thought that Lebron James was cute.

Obi and I agreed with Sam and added that Lebron James’ wife was a baddie. We also agreed that Antoinette was right by saying that some girls probably thought that Lebron James was cute. I added, “Man, imagine if y’all had a serious argument.”

Antoinette agreed with me, and she was just in shock about how Veggie Man went off on her. She talked about how she was over this Lebron James conversation that she had with Young Vegan. All of sudden, she gets a Face Time call again from the man of the hour. She answers it, and already Veggie Man was still trying to argue with Antoinette. He was talking about he asked another female friend of his if Lebron James is cute, and his friend said that he wasn’t. Antoinette told him that we all agreed with her that some girls find Lebron James cute. He was arguing with, but Sam, Obi and I decided to back up Antoinette. We went in on Captain Veggie. We were throwing numbers, science and common sense at Young Vegan, and it was just getting him so upset. It was so hilarious to us, and it was just so serious with Young Vegan.

Young Vegan ended up bringing one of his friends into the conversation, and he wasn’t helping Veggie Man at all. If anything, he was just hurting him. I remember he was stuttering a lot, and he really wasn’t trying to help Young Vegan. There were times that he was actually agreeing with us, and Young Vegan told him to leave. He had the worst friend/homeboy backing him up, and it was funny and awesome.

Finally, Young Vegan told Antoinette that they would talk about this later when she wasn’t with us, and he hung up the phone. We all ended up laughing and couldn’t believe how Captain Veggie was an emotional wreck over Lebron James. After all that, we started talking about a movie we wanted to see and just hung out with each other.

Antoinette and Young Vegan argued about it for another day, but they were able to work out their differences and move on from it. It’s crazy how Lebron James could have ruined their relationship, but they didn’t allow something so deep to ruin it. The trials and tribulations are real in this world.

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Next week, I will be posting two opinionated pieces. The pieces include “Friendly vs. Flirty” on Tuesday and “Keeping my Art Private” on Thursday.


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