No Fear

I used to worry about my future

Because I was unsure

About what my future would hold

This made me be scared to be bold

It made me withhold

Myself from the world

I was too scared to do anything

I was too scared to spread my wings

Because I didn’t know if I could fly

I don’t know why I thought I couldn’t fly

When I had the Word and the Lord

No, why do I have to lie?

Truthfully, I didn’t know if the Lord was with me

So, how else was I supposed to fly

When it was possible that I could die?

I couldn’t stand the uncertainty

So, I stayed put

Stayed in the present

And didn’t progress

I did less and became careless

Of planning my future

Instead, I followed the allure of laziness

Man, I was such a mess

I couldn’t pass the test of life

There were days that I wished I had a knife

To end my life

I needed motivation to turn my life around

But there was only procrastination on my part

So, I was never going to reach my destination

That was just my observation

I needed a change

But it was out of range

To do so

Because I was my own foe

I was stopping myself from flying

Because I feared dying

Sadly, I’m not lying

But then I realized that I was dying

At an alarming rate

Because I was doing nothing

I needed to change before it was too late

And before my fate was sealed

What did I need to do?

Who should I go to?

Where would the answer lie?

When would I find the answer?

Would I find it before I die?

How long could I endure not knowing my future?

I just needed a cure

For the longest I couldn’t find it

I thought I would never find it

Until I was pushed

By the people that I cared about most

I was almost about to die

Had they not come to my rescue

It’s funny how a select few can rescue you

And help turn your life around

This is true

Cause I’m living proof that it’s true

I wonder why it’s true

I guess God knows what he’s doing

When he puts people in your life

And it’s only a matter of time

That you want to get out of the lime-light

And fight to get your life together

And get better

No matter the weather

And trust in God

By just listening to Him

And that’s what I did

And that’s all it takes

If you want to fix your mistakes

And move on to bigger and better things

I’m thankful that I have nothing to fear

When I think about the future

Because I’m sure that my future is bright

If I just continue to follow the light



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