You torment me every day

And I submit to you

Without putting up a fight

What can I say?

You are a false light

That makes me lose sight

On the things that are right

Inside me

You make me blind like Ray Charles

Crazy like Charles Manson

Over girls in mansions

That have no time with romancing

They’re just looking for advances

Why do I want these girls?

Why do I need these girls?

Please, tell me why?

I lie, I know why I want them

You show me their appeal every day

And I keep my lips sealed

And reveal nothing

About how evil and messed up

You truly are

You reveal too much

And I can’t turn away

From the lust that you create in my heart

Instead, I just want more

Like a drug addict

It’s not smart to hold onto you

But millions say that you’re harmless

Regardless, I know you’re heartless

Filled with darkness

And I’m slowly losing myself to you

How can I fight you, when I don’t want to?

You make me feel good

From the beginning to the end

But then I hate myself the next day

What can I say?

I can’t tell anybody about you

I’m too ashamed to

Because I’m the one to blame

I came and enjoyed playing you

Over and over again like a dirty game

I had all the control

But you had all the necessary power

You gave me what I wanted

So are you really the guilty one?

I used you and played you so many times

When there were times I didn’t need to

Now, I’m dependent on you

I can’t think about nothing else, but you

You drive me crazy

Because I hate you, but I want you

Like a kid wants candy

I want you to leave me alone

But you’re always around

You drown me with your presence

And you slowly kill me

I need something to heal me

Before it’s too late

And my fate is sealed

With you in my future

And I can’t have that

I can’t have you in my mind

On rewind

I can’t have you in my home

I can’t have you near my family

I can’t have you where I work

I can’t have you near my wife

I can’t have you near my children

I can’t have you in my life

Because you’re a monster and a poison

Instead, I need an angel and a cure

I need God in my life

To show me whatsoever things are pure, wholesome, kind and just

Will help me fight you

I refuse to be your prisoner

Any longer

It’s time for liberation

It’s time to be free

It is time

Let not my will, but God’s will be done

In the name of His son, Jesus Christ

I rebuke you out of my life

I rebuke you to the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth

Because God is on my side


And I hope I never see you again

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