Nightmares: The Impossible Treasure

You’re always with other people

You give them a smile on their faces

That can only make me sick and vile

Like a tortured prisoner, I need to know

Why are you there for other people but not for me?

Why are you afraid to get close to me but welcome other people?

To other people, you’re a delicate, beautiful rose

To me, I don’t know

You’re unknown like the universe

And I’m alone, I guess that’s my curse

Without having you in my life

You, the impossible treasure


I often wonder what it’s like to have you

I hear that you’re quite the motivator

You know, I could really use you right now

Since I’m alone and depressed like Darth Vader

But you don’t care

You don’t care that I’m losing my mind

You don’t care that I lost my pride

You don’t care that I want to commit suicide

You don’t care, you don’t care, you don’t care

You’re a monster

I hate you and people that have you

Because why can’t I have you?

What’s so wrong with me?

Am I not good enough for you?

Only few can have you?

You, the impossible treasure

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