Image is Everything

I look in the mirror

And I don’t know who I see

I just know that I don’t see me

I just see everything that I’m not

It becomes clearer and clearer who I am

I am you, and I am them

But I’m not me

I’m a lie, not really alive

I’m fake like Pinocchio

And all I want is to be a real boy

But honestly, it’s an impossibility

Because I strive to be your perfect image

Instead of my own, perfect image


Why do I do this to myself?

Because I hold you to a higher standard than myself

I’m a liar because of you

And all I want to do is be true to myself

Why isn’t this possible?

It’s unbearable to live like this

On a daily basis

Living your life

Is like walking through a field of thorns

I mourn

Because better days aren’t coming my way

They’re just far away

On an endless highway

That you created

And I am defeated


I’m tired of living your life

I’m tired of striving for your goals

I’m tired of taking your roads with the most tolls

I’m tired of making your decisions in my life

I’m tired of failing your tests

I’m tired of seeking your aspirations

I’m tired of fulfilling your dreams

I’m tired of being your perfect, mirrored image


My name is Isaiah Warfield, and I wrote the above titled poem “Image is Everything.” I’m also the blogger of “The Warfield Zone.” I’m kind of nervous about this because I have never did this before. It’s kind of nerve wracking to me. Truthfully because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Do I tell you my whole life story in my first blog post or do my own thing? Are there rules that I have to follow? If there are any rules, can someone please tell me before it’s too late. Am I asking too many questions? Probably but who cares. It’s my blog, and I can do whatever I want, right?

For weeks, I didn’t know what to write. I wanted to literally write everything. I wanted to be everything. I wanted to be funny and serious, cool and nerdy, yin and yang, and blah and bleh. That’s right, I wanted to be blah and bleh. I said what I said and said it. Anyways, I was striving for everything because it would have been perfect. It would’ve looked perfect in your eyes. It would have been up to your standards. Then, I quickly realized that I was making a mistake. You can’t be everything. You can’t do everything. Trying to be perfect for others is an impossibility. However, being yourself and putting faith in your standards is perfection. Having faith in your talents, your skills, your goals and your dreams is the true pursuit of happiness.

So, I decided that I wanted to write a poem about not trying to be someone’s perfect image. On “The Warfield Zone”, all I’m going to do is be true to myself. Pretty much believe in myself more than doubt myself. On this blog, I’ll post my poetry, my short stories, my personal experiences, my opinions and so much more because I can.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed my first blog entry and hope you’ll visit “The Warfield Zone” again.

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