Hours Week 15 (12/2-12/8)

On Monday, I briefly attended an executive board meeting for 30 minutes. It was from 5:30-6:00. At the board meeting, we talked about events and discussed in depth the process of Black Student Union cosigning/sponsoring petitions. The reason for this is because a student had BSU sponsored for a petition to cancel the production of “Adding Machine.” President Brandon revealed that the student did not go to executive board members, so the student falsely had BSU endorse the petition. In addition, Lucky, membership development coordinator had to resign from his position due to time constraints.

On Thursday, BSU had the event “Soul Glow” in the seventh floor of student center. The event was a spa day that lasted from 2:00-6:00pm. I arrived at the event at 2:30 to help set things up. I also helped market the event by posting in BSU’s Instagram account pictures of “Soul Glow” that included a masseuse, foot soaks, zen garden and paintings. I helped clean the foot soaks when students were done with them, and I encouraged people on the seventh floor to come to the spa. At around 6:30, I helped cleaned everything up and took everything to BSU’s closet. I was finished cleaning at 7:30. After everything was done for the event, I talked to Ryan about an event he was interested in having after an MLK event. The event would be geared around Black Fraternities, “Divine Nine,” and how he wanted to spread awareness of these fraternities at Point Park. We discussed what I was thinking as far as marketing goes for the event, and we talked about the execution of everything for about an hour. Overall, my time was from 2:30-8:30, six hours.

On Saturday, I started making thumbnails/designs for MLK day. I spent two hours drawing and began working on Adobe Illustrator. In addition, I researched for two hours on black fraternities because Ryan encouraged it, and he believed it would be beneficial for me to be inspired to create new things. The research was definitely helpful to me and steered me to the right direction. My time was from 2:00-6:00, four hours.

Hours Week 11 (11/4-11/10)

On Monday, I worked on “The Battle of the Classes” flyers for five hours. Also, I worked on an introduction for the panel of counselors for BSU’s General Board Meeting. At the meeting, Ryan and I coordinated the event, and I led the panel with my questions about mental health. The meeting lasted from 9:15-10-30, and I was there an extra 15 minutes to help clean up. Then, I worked on finishing my flyer after the meeting.

On Tuesday, I edited the flyers for the Event Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator. I spent an hour editing the flyer, and I submitted it in the morning. Then, I received a message from Divine and Michael, Marketing Coordinators, about how they wanted to spend time to “revamp” it. I understood.

The promo table for the event did not happen on Thursday. It will happen on Wednesday of this week.

On Saturday, I started working on coming up with different names for the BSU Mental Health Day Spa. I spent an hour and came up with “Soul Glow Day,” “Black Minds Matter,” “Minds Matter,” “Mind Over Matter,” “Self Care Day,” “Just Kick It,” “Let Us Cater 2 U” and “(Me) You Time.” In addition, I spent an hour working on looks and designs for “Soul Glow Day.”

On Sunday, the executive board meeting started at 2:00. The meeting started out with the board discussing the Nov. General Board Meeting. The event was considered a success. The board explained that we needed to repeat starting on time, canvasing before start of meeting and working with the counseling departments. Then, we need to start having reception afterwards and small snacks/beverages. Then, the board started talking about MLK day like ideas for event, reaching out for volunteers, reaching out to organizations (Student Life, SAIL, Honors Program), Brunch/Community Service Day and more. Brandon talked about the Dec. General Board meeting. The theme for the co-chairs was Destressing/Navigating Universities. Then, we started talking about the campus events Chopped/Mocktail Mix Off. I talked about Chopped because this is an event I’m helping coordinate as well in my Special Events class. After that, Brandon explained how the spring semester should have set themes in the months of January, February, March and April. Also, there will be a development of two committees to even out everything for events. In the spring, there will be two events in each month. Also, Brandon told the executive board that they will not be getting the Multicultural Center in the 2nd floor space in the Student Center. In addition, the board does not want the 7th floor, so they will decide in the next few weeks what the plan of action will be. Finally, I told them my ideas for the BSU Mental Health Spa Day. I told them the different names, and they said that they were cool. The meeting ended at 3:20.



Hours Week 10 (10/28-11/3)

On Friday, I started working on a social media post about the general board meeting on Nov. 4. I developed a picture that focused on the main theme of our general board meeting which was mental health awareness. Then, I worked on the caption of the social media post. I had to do a little research on the two counselors that Ryan managed to bring into for the panel, Kimberly Crawford and Shaquoi Calhoun. I spent seven hours on this.

On Saturday, I worked on a Marketing Request form for the Battle of the Classes. I was detailed as much as possible. Once I finished that, I edited my social media post and sent it to BSU Marketing Coordinator Divine. Then, I started working on the flyers for the general meeting. Also, I worked on questions and an introduction for the general board meeting about mental health awareness. I spent five hours on this.

On Sunday, I went to the executive board meeting at 5:00. President Brandon talked about the Halloween Pop-Up Shop. Afterwards, there was a board discussion about how everyone thinks they’re doing and what they can be doing better. Everyone went around and discussed what they could be doing better at. When it was my turn, I explained how the marketing team is doing well in distributing the work, but we need to do better in setting deadlines for ourselves. I explained how I needed to do better in getting stuff done better in a timely manner.

After that, Brandon shifted the conversation to our Fall events in November. Ryan and I talked about our plan for the general board meeting. We want to first get through our agenda, and then shift the conversation to mental health with the panel. Then, Brandon, Stephen and I talked about the marketing for Battle of the Classes. Brandon asked me how soon could I get a flyer done for the event, and I informed him that I could get it done by tomorrow. Also, I told him that I could do the promo table on Thursday of this week. For another event, we need to come up with a new name for the Mental Health Spa Night. Also, Brandon emphasized that it’s important to find new ways to market it other than social media posts.

After the general board meeting, I worked a little bit more on the flyer, and I sent it to Marketing Coordinators Divine and Michael. Also, I sent my questions to Stephen to put in the PowerPoint for the next general board meeting.

I have links to my flyer, social media post and questions about mental health. The social media post can also be found @PointPark_BSU on Instagram.

Free Your Mind 2.0 pdf

BSU Mental Health Post

Mental Health Questions

Hours Week 09 (10/21-10/27)

On Monday, I met with Ryan to discuss the Nov. 4 General Meeting and how we want to center it around mental health. Then, I started the Marketing Request Form and informed him that I would be primarily responsible for marketing the general meeting for next week. This meeting between me and Ryan lasted for about an hour.

On Tuesday, I finished making my marketing plans for the Multicultural room. I spent three hours developing my plans, and I know that I want to involve the Globe and social media. In addition, it’s important that multicultural clubs are the target audience as well because it’s important to get them involved as early as possible with the formation of the Multicultural room.

On Thursday, I met with Lucky because I will be co-chairing the Battle of the Classes: Game Night on Nov. 14. He explained to me how the Uno Club agreed to be a part of the event with us, and they will help buy pizza and decorations as well because this will be a big event. We’re expecting 60-100 people to show up for this event. BSU will be responsible for also providing pizza and marketing the event. I explained to Lucky that I will start a Marketing Request form this week, and I will lead in the Marketing side of this event.  This meeting between me and Lucky lasted for about an hour. In addition, I spent 30 minutes talking to Ryan, and he told me that one counselor would be able to come to our event to be in the panel. I suggested that we needed to come up with some sort of a give for the counselor because it was last minute. We agreed, and we decided to get a picture of all the executive board, except President Brandon, that day for the counselor. I told Ryan that I would develop the card for the counselor and present it to her for the meeting.

Hours Week 08 (10/14-10/20)

On Monday, I worked on five pictures, and it took me 2.5 hours to edit them the same way that I did last week. Also, President Brandon talked to me for about 30 minutes about the Multicultural Space, and how he wants members to create a list of physical things that we want in the space. Also, Brandon discussed how the Dean wants a marketing plan from BSU, and President Brandon wants me to primarily lead with coming up with the Marketing Plan that him and the Vice President will present to Dean Paylo.

On Tuesday, I worked on six pictures, and it took me 3 hours to edit them the same way as well from last week.

I have some of the pictures that I worked on down below.

On Thursday, I started working on the Marketing Plan of the Multicultural Space. I spent five hours determining our target market would be freshmen, members of BSU and multicultural clubs on campus. I detailed how BSU needs flyers, posters and potentially brochures. The media outlets that would be utilized would include “The Globe,” “U-View” and social media. Also, the importance of having a Q&A with representatives of other multicultural clubs because it’s important to get them involved with the process of the Multicultural Space. I will have a more detailed plan for President Brandon by Monday, before he visits with Dean Paylo on Wednesday.

On Sunday, there was an executive board meeting that started at 5:02 and ended at 7:02. President Brandon had a review of Executive Board Expectations. The importance utilizing Point Sync and managing forms that always need to be completed like the Budget Request Form, Event Brief Form and Marketing Request Form. He also went over the handbook with the executive board members. He discussed everyone’s roles, performance measurement, executive board member of the month and board member accountability.

Then, there was an event review of the Bonfire. Executive Board members want to make this an annual event, have it in a different time of year and have better proportioning of food. They want to repeat the location and food/beverages.

There are two events that the event coordinator proposed, which were “The Mental Wellness and Relaxation Event” and “The Battle of the Classes: Game Night.” It was established that I would be co-chairing the event with Lucky, Membership Coordinator. The Event Coordinator proposed these events, and they were approved by the board.

In addition, I will be co-chairing “The General Board Meeting” on Nov. 4 with Ryan, Secretary.

The Vice President explained that there would be a new additional advisor for BSU. Then, there were team updates about how everyone was doing, and President Brandon announced Ryan as Exec Member of the Month. He would get a free lunch of his choice as his reward.

After the meeting was adjourned, Lucky and I talked with Stephen for about an hour about “The Battle of the Classes: Game Night.” We talked about how we needed name tags for everyone to wear to distinguish themselves as “freshmen”, “sophomore”, “junior” and “senior.” Then, we came to the conclusion to involve the Uno club with our event. All three of us quickly realized that this was going to be a big event because the UNO club has the man power and great marketing to draw in at least a 50+ crowd. So, now we realized that we need to have more food, drinks and games involved. We also realize that it needs to be in a big space like the ballroom. We understand the dilemma we face if the UNO club decides to get involved with the event, and we voice our concerns with the president. He told us to try and get Student Life involved because they can really help with the food. Also, the Vice President told us that she would reach out to the UNO club and Student Life by tonight and tomorrow. Then, we talked with Stephen about added games and decorations to have for the event. Lucky and I decide which forms we will complete by Tuesday for Stephen.



Hours Week 06 (9/30-10/6)

On Tuesday, I met with the Marketing team to discuss the way we wanted the pictures to look for the “Day With Me Vlog.” We talked for an about what we wanted to do, but we knew that we wanted to utilize orange and make the images black and white. I was put in charge to edit the pictures.

On Friday, I worked on eight pictures, and it took me four hours to do. Each photo took 30 minutes to edit. I edited the pictures to black and white, and then I made a certain article of clothing stand out as orange.

On Saturday, I worked on eight more pictures and used Adobe Photoshop again to edit the pictures to black and white with an article of clothing standing out a certain color.

The pictures I worked on were of Secretary Ryan and Lucky. This week, I will be working on Vice President Nani’s pictures for the “Day With Me” Vlog.

There was no executive board meeting, but there will be a general meeting today for BSU. Also, I will be working on getting new members registered to BSU this week.

Here are some of the photos that I edited Friday and Saturday:

Hours Week 05 (9/23-9/29)

On Sunday, September 29, I attended the Black Student Union’s Executive Board meeting. The meeting started at 5:00 p.m., and it ended at 7:25 p.m.

External Communication
President Brandon explained that he deals with faculty and staff at Point Park University that need to talk about BSU, while Vice President Nami handles organizations and students that are interested in collaborating with BSU.

Multicultural Space
Brandon, Nami and Stephen will meet with the Dean about the space in the student center. This has been a three year process. It will be considered  resource on campus, and a work space/lounge for students. It will be a university space/sponsored. Brandon discussed staffing, and it being a potential work study position under Vanessa. It would be a place that BSU would self lead. The board asked what happens after BSU lays the foundation/groundwork, and other organizations want to join.

Membership Outreach
How many members, events, amount of people attending/coming to events and meetings
Goal: 100 people. Membership Registration forms were passed out by Brandon.
Certain amount of money will be allocated to reach certain memberships.

First General Board Meeting (ideas/itinerary)
Meeting will be October 7th
Welcome People
Introduction of Board
4 Corners Activity
Ambassadors Program
Upcoming Event
Monthly Newsletter

Approval of October Events
Bonfire Thursday, Oct. 17, 7-9
Co-chair: Lucky, Nami, Michael
BSU Meeting, Oct. 7
2K Tournament/Watch Party, Oct. 24, 7-10:30
Co-chair: Divine, Ari
Tabling Efforts
Pop-Up Shop
Stephen still needs to connect with the Point Closet
Will be updated next week

This week, I was tasked with editing the pictures for the “Day with Me” Vlog, as well as creating and editing the newsletter before Oct. 7.

Hours Week 04 (9/16-9/22)

On Tuesday, September 17, I helped promote and participated in the Make a Friend, Meet a Friend event. It started at 8:15, but I arrived early at 8:00 to help set everything up. Girls would sit on one side, while boys sat on another. You would have three minutes to talk with your person, and after the three minutes were up, you would rotate to the next person. I participated in the event as well because not enough guys were participating in it. In addition, I talked to different people about BSU and how their plans for the fall semester. The event ended at 9:30, but I helped clean-up till 10:00.

On Sunday, September 22, I attended the Black Student Union’s Executive Board meeting. The meeting started at 5:00 p.m., and it ended at 6:50 p.m.

The Agenda for the Executive Board Meeting included:

  1. Welcoming the new members of the board
  2. Understanding Roles
  3. Event Planning Process
  4. Sail Online Training
  5. Executive Board Bonding
  6. Event ideas
  7. “A Day With Me” Review
  8. October event update
  9. Team updates

The president discussed the BSU page and how you needed to complete certain forms if you wanted have an event. Once you have all the forms completed, you would have to go to Stephen, the Events Coordinator of BSU with your event idea, and he would ultimately decide if it was worthy to bring up to the board. Then, the board would make a decision if they wanted to have the event or not.

Also, Nami Talbot, vice president of BSU, pointed out to the Marketing team that if there were any organizations that wanted to partner with BSU for an event, the Marketing team would have to send the organizations information to her, and she would decide if it was worthy to bring to the board.

Board members came up with event ideas to have in October. Talbot explained that she wanted an open informational event toward the 2020 election. She believes it’s important for students to be informed, and this event would take place on October 15.

Ryan, the secretary of BSU, said that the BSU male members want to have a basketball tournament. However, Stephen pointed out that it wouldn’t work because the data showed that the amount of attendance for an event like that would be low, and it would be better to have a 2K tournament like they did last year and a watch party on October 25, the start of the NBA season.

Stephen talked about having a pop-up shop for the weekend of October 30th. It would be geared towards people that need last-minute costumes for a Halloween party. In addition, the Board discussed potentially partnering with Point Closet for costumes.

The president brought up that the general meeting would take place on Monday, October 7.

“A Day With Me Vlog” was presented by me and the Marketing team. This is something that will happen in the month of October, early November. Members of the board will have a vlog of something interesting that they do on a typical day, and it’s a way for students to bond with BSU members. We would post vlogs on Friday on Instagram and Facebook. Divine and Michael, the Marketing team, developed a sign up sheet and dates for members. We would have promotion pictures for them and edit their videos before Friday. I would be responsible for the pictures, also editing their pictures and videos in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.

The board talked about important dates on the calendars, and we had our team update. We all discussed what our plans were for the organization and what we had planned for our next board meeting.

The meeting ends at 6:50 p.m.

Hours Week 03 (9/9-9/15)

On Sunday, September 15, I attended the Black Student Union’s Executive Board meeting. The meeting started at 5:00 p.m., and it ended at 7:25 p.m.

The first thing that was discussed at the meeting was the block party hosted and sponsored by BSU. It was on Saturday, September 14, and the executive board discussed the positives and negatives of the event. The board discussed about promoting the event sooner, having more volunteers, more interaction, staffing, necessary rotations and being stationed at one area. The positives of the event included having black-owned entertainment, the theme (African Caribbean) fitting well, necessary research and having other organizations involved.

Then, we discussed the event “Make a Friend, Meet a Friend” that will be taking place on Tuesday from 8:15 p.m.-9:15 p.m. I was tasked to promote the event through email and social media and help coordinate the event on Tuesday as well.

The president, Brandon Rodgers, talked about expectation and accountability with the executive board.

The president transitioned and talked about the Ambassador Program with the board and just how it’s gonna run.

Also, the board talked about LatinX, an organization looking to partner with BSU for an event. Unfortunately, LatinX’s president couldn’t meet with the board that day and needed to be postponed, however LatinX wants to have a Karaoke night and wants to partner with BSU because they do so well with karaoke nights.

The board transitioned and talked about other October events like Movie Night Pajama Night and the Haunted House. For the Haunted House, the board explained the necessity to market this event as well as have a looping shuttle for students. For Movie Night, it will be October 18, and the board was trying to determine the right location of the event. The locations include the JVH, WP Screening and Lawrence Hall 200. The president and I pointed out that it was important to determine how many people are coming and how much are we trying to market this event. Are we just trying to bring in 20 people for the event or more than that? The president ended up saying that we would discuss it more in detail at the next meeting.

After that, the board interviewed three candidates that were interested in the positions available on the board. It was important to see if they would fit BSU and help brand the organization.

Once the interviews were over, the meeting was adjourned and ended at 7:25 p.m.